Weight Loss

weightlossCongratulations for the courage to take the first step and check this out!

Through the years I have lost hundreds of pounds, many times over. The trouble is that the pounds always found me again! I can relate to you. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. My parents used to shop for my clothes in the “husky” brand section of sears! My weight peaked at200 pounds. Size 22. I was mother to 2 children at the time. I did some crazy diets to lose weight. But couldn’t keep it off.

Then, I found Shaklee 180. The name comes from making a 180 degree turnaround by losing weight once and for all by learning some new healthy habits and small adjustments. Can I ask you a question? Are you ready to lose weight once and for all?

Perhaps you can see yourself wearing something special for big event coming up soon?Everyone is complimenting you. How young you look, how good you look, how did you do it?

Or maybe you are looking for more energy? tired of being sick and tired? Want to skip naps and enjoy more play time with your friends?

Or perhaps your Doctor has recommended weight loss? High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, even Joint Pain can be reduced and improved by dropping as little as10 pounds. I was reluctant to try this. After all, I wasn’t very good at dieting (obviously!) However, what was said about it made sense.

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 So I made a 90 day commitment. I so often wish I would have done that sooner. I found the adjustment in my eating habits took a little getting used to but overall it was Convenient, Easy to follow, and produced Long lasting results

Did you know that of what you weigh 80% is by what you eat, only 20% is by your activity level?