vitaminsCongratulations! You have made the choice to naturally supplement your eating with vitamins. You recognize that all the nutrition you need may not come just from what you eat.

Now which vitamins should you take?Are they all the same?

No, all vitamins are not the same. Unfortunately the natural supplement industry is highly unregulated, which means there are none to few guidelines in manufacturing, consistency, safely and no testing to enforce guidelines.

Choose carefully. Pick a company with long history in quality and integrity in manufacturing. Look for science not paid for as marketing by the company but real third party verified peer review journal publications.

For more than 60 years, Shaklee has been producing all natural supplements. Founded by Dr Shaklee on the principle of living in harmony with nature.

A study was conducted independently by University of CA to determine long term impact of supplement users. Do supplements make a difference in health? Do brands make a difference? See for yourself:

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