Strengthening Immunity : How our Athletes stay healthy to win

Tyler George needed a perfect rock throw in the eighth “end,” or period, in the final Curling match against Sweden in the 2018 Games in PyeongChang. At stake? A gold medal, the first ever for the US in Curling at the Games.

No pressure, right? “Plenty of pressure, and good thing we were all at the top of our game,” said Tyler, a Shaklee Pure Performance Team member. “Of course, it’s hard enough to compete at the highest level with even perfect health. Can you imagine how difficult and disappointing it would be if we weren’t healthy? It may seem obvious, but you can’t compete well if you are sick.”

We asked Tyler and four other Shaklee Pure Performance Team members how they strengthen their immune systems and work to stay healthy.


The athletes include:

  • Tyler George, Curling: 2018 PyeongChang (gold medal)
  • Amanda Polk, Rowing: 2016 Rio (gold medal), mother of one daughter
  • Tracy Barnes, Biathlon: 2006 Turin, mother of two children
  • Katy Emmons, Shooting: 2004 Athens (bronze), 2008 Beijing (silver, gold), 2012 London
  • Matt Emmons, Shooting: 2004 Athens (gold), 2008 Beijing (silver), 2012 London (bronze), 2016 Rio (Matt and Katy have been married since 2007 and have four children.)

All five Shaklee athletes were surprisingly similar in their recommendations. Virtually all of them identified six practices that can help build strong immune systems: (1) overall health and fitness, (2) plenty of sleep and recovery time, (3) good diet, (4) staying hydrated, (5) smart supplementation, and (6) stress management. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Tyler: We spend nearly as much time in the gym as we do on the ice. We also strive for consistency in our daily habits: when we work out, when we train, our diets, our sleep and recovery, and so forth. It’s also so important to stay hydrated, especially on the road. We travel extensively, so it’s a challenge to maintain that consistency. Flying and jumping several time zones can really weaken your immunity. I also take Vitalized Immunity™ even though I have a good diet, and I avoid the junk food. Good health—and good performance—is so worth it.
  • Amanda: I like to keep it simple: Make sure you’re washing your hands, eating well, resting well, exercising at least four days a week, and trying to live an overall healthy lifestyle. I ensure my one-year-old daughter does the same things: hands clean, good diet, hydrating well, and exercising well (in her case, walking and crawling!). I take Shaklee’s Chewable Vita-C®and Vita D3® to boost my immunity. When I travel, I use the Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes frequently, even wiping my seat, seat belt, and the seat back in front of me when I’m flying.
  • Tracy: Physical and mental stress can wear down your immunity. I try to stay balanced so I’m less susceptible to illness, seeking homeostasis in several areas: body temperature (proper clothing before, during, and after workouts), blood sugar levels (avoiding sugary foods), hydration (always drinking plenty of water), toxins (avoiding alcohol, processed foods, etc.), and blood pressure (avoiding unnecessary stress). I also take Vita-Lea® daily and supplement with Chewable Vita-C® when needed, which makes a huge difference in my overall health. It’s also important to get enough sleep and eat well. In addition, be smart when traveling, starting with your preparation. Pack early to avoid losing sleep before a trip and remember that you’ll be exposed to germs, so be prepared to fight them off.
  • Matt and Katy: Our general philosophy for health includes eating a balanced diet, exercising, and perhaps most important, getting enough sleep. Sleep is sometimes difficult since we have four young children and travel a lot. We also give our kids Shakleekids™ Incredivites® every day which is loaded with a comprehensive assortment of 23 essential vitamins and minerals. We also rely on Defend & Resist Complex, Vitalized Immunity™ and CitriBoost® . We also use the Germ Off Disinfectant Wipes all the time.

And what about Tyler in that gold medal match against Sweden? Tyler was indeed at the top of his game and in perfect health as he and teammates, including Shaklee Pure Performance Team member John Landsteiner, grabbed the gold!

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