Stop: Eating My Kid’s Leftovers. Regain weight control

As I clear the table, I see a half eaten sandwich. Untouched French fries. Or one bite of mac & cheese. Or untouched chicken nuggets. Leftovers.

“Why let this food go to waste?”, I say to myself.

And, POOF, just like that I lose control of my discipline and willpower and eat my kid’s leftovers.

Really??  I am not hungry. I am not bored. I am not thirsty.

I am just out of control at the moment.

I feel awful afterwards. I knew I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t even choose to eat that food normally. But leftover, eh, I don’t want to waste food. (I hear replaying in my head) Really? who is it helping by me doing this? No one. I it hurting ME. It is food I do not want and do not need. Empty wasted calories.

I know I am not a trash can. But for some reason it is irresistible to me.

Studies show that eating our kid’s leftovers such as sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, etc…can add up to over 11,000 calories a year. WOW!

It certainly can add up to 200+ unwanted, unnecessary, calories a week.   To lose 1 pound of weight, I am looking at about 500 calories less a week eaten than burned. So this little nasty habit can sabotages my weight loss goals.

How to stop? Here are some suggestions I have found and plan to use to STOP eating my kid’s leftovers:

  1. put all scraps/leftovers in same bowl each day. looks less tempting when piled up together. And good visual of what you would have eaten that you didn’t need or want.
  2. squirt dish liquid on plate/leftovers food ASAP so not tempted to eat

I will gain control of my eating. I deserve to feel better and look better and have more energy. I will not sabotage my conscientious eating and workouts for table scrap leftovers.

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Ruth - January 1, 2017

I like the tip of putting dish soap in it as soon as possible. I think I will have a spray bottle of basic h2 near by and make it a routine to spray after we eat ( pray before:spray after).

Cath Cobb - January 1, 2017

You are worth more than scraps on a table.

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