Simple ways to eat healthy everyday

Healthy eating isn’t as hard as people think, and it doesn’t mean staying away from every tasty food you know. You can have a healthier diet just by following a few tips and incorporating them into your routine. Here’s what you can do.

Have a meal plan: Junk food and fast food are popular because they’re convenient. But you can make healthy foods convenient as well. Lunch and dinner are just as easy if you plan ahead. Make the week’s dinners ahead of time and freeze them. You can also have healthy leftovers for lunch. If you’re pressed for time, protein and nutrient-rich shakes like Life Shake™ can help you get a lot of healthy nutrition in a quick and easy way.

Choose your snacks wiselyA lot of snacks out there are just empty calories with little nutritional value. Instead of the vending machine, choose healthy snacks and bring them to your work or school. Try healthy snack bars that support your health, or snack on fresh cut veggies

Get interesting with flavor: A healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be dry chicken and limp salad every day. Try different flavors in your cooking. Jazz up simple veggies with spices, garlic, olive oil, lemon zest, ginger, or even balsamic vinegar

Eat a rainbowColorful veggies happen to be full of nutrients. Compounds like carotenes, anthocyanins, lycopene, astaxanthin, and others give the veggies their color and are beneficial for your health. So, choose veggies in a variety of colors to make sure you are getting these health-supporting compounds.

Know the nutrients you needIt’s important to have a general idea of what nutrients your body needs. Women require more iron and calcium than men. Vitamins D and B (especially folate) and essential fatty acids are also important for women’s health. Supplements like Vitalizer™ are a great way to cover all the bases when it comes to nutrition.

Cut the junk: We’re talking about trans fats, processed foods, too much sugar, and fried foods. You know what we’re talking about. A treat here and there is okay; just practice moderation.

Be careful with alcohol: Drinking too much can derail your health in a number of ways. First, alcohol supplies empty calories. Second, you tend to consume additional calories when you drink. Limit yourself to one glass.

Incorporating these healthy food habits doesn’t have to be difficult, and once you get used to them you’ll find that you look and feel better. Just remember—you are what you eat, so eat healthy.

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