Get to know your Pure Performance Athletes: Corey, Emily, Ismael

We’ve seen them perform on the world’s biggest stage under intense pressure, amazing us with their feats of athletic excellence: They are the Shaklee Pure Performance Team athletes.

Despite all their success and talent, these exceptional athletes possess a down-to-earth side that is relatable and engaging. We interviewed three of our athletes as they wrapped up busy summers and prepared for more great feats ahead. Corey Cogdell Unrein is a Trapshooter and three-time member of the US Team, winning bronze medals in the 2008 and 2016 Games. Emily Regan won gold in 2016 in Rio as a member of the US Women’s Eight Rowing team, and Ismael Uscanga represented Mexico in the 2016 Games, where he won a bronze medal in Modern Pentathlon. Here’s a brief glimpse into their lives:

Q) Hard to believe, but fall is almost upon us. What was the highlight of your summer?

COREY: The highlight of my summer? Definitely my trip to Tucson, Arizona, for the World Cup Trap and Skeet competition. I always love representing my country on the world stage, and I have a little extra motivation on home soil. My teammate Jake Wallace and I competed together in the Mixed Team Trap event and won the first gold medal for the US Team. Very exciting!

EMILY: Winning a gold medal at the Rowing World Championships in Bulgaria in the Women’s Eight event with my teammates.

ISMAEL: This summer I interned at Shaklee Corporation headquarters in Pleasanton, California. I learned so much from the Independent Distributors, the company, and the people who work behind the scenes to make everything happen. I’m grateful to the members of the Shaklee Family who answered my calls and assisted me with my projects. I’m looking forward to more great experiences together!

Q: What is the most effective workout/training tip you can offer for the average person trying to get fit?

COREY: I love doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. With interval training, you can pack a lot of total body exercise into a short amount of time, and HIIT can help you squeeze in an effective workout when you’re battling with a full and busy schedule.

EMILY: Be persistent. Whether you’re just starting your workout journey or you’re an elite athlete, there are going to be good days and bad days. Push a little harder on the good days and be willing to back off if you need to on a day when the motivation is low. The most important thing is to stay consistent and keep working toward your goal. Don’t let the bad days stop you!

ISMAEL: My most effective training tip is to develop an active lifestyle and cut out the excuses. For me, it’s sometimes difficult to start a workout, especially if I am tired and have a lot of schoolwork; however, my girlfriend is my accountability buddy and she helps me to start my routine every morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s an accountability buddy, a family member, significant other, or even your dog—they can help you start building the habits to become healthier or stay fit.

Q: Other than winning a medal at the Games, what is your greatest achievement or proudest moment?

COREY: Some of my proudest moments are qualifying for three Games through a rigorous trials system. In all three of my Games trials, I was trailing first place after the first half of the selection process, but then I came from behind to earn my spot on those teams. Also, one of my most memorable World Cup victories was in Spain in 2014, where I shot a perfect score of 75/75 clay targets, tying the world record and grabbing the gold.

EMILY: Winning the Women’s Eight event at this year’s World Championships. All of the other World Championship titles followed seasons in which we won everything for that year. But last year we came in 4th place, and earlier this season we placed 3rd at a World Cup regatta, so winning the World Championship was a huge testament to the work my teammates and I put in. We’ve come a long way in the last year and even just this summer, so it was a really special achievement.

ISMAEL: The moment I got accepted into an MBA program at Duke University. For me life is about balance, which I learned through my experiences in Modern Pentathlon. I need to focus not just on one thing during my career but in having balance in different areas of my life. Developing my education was as important as my physical and athletic development. Now in my second year of the program, I am planning the next steps, building my story, always focusing on remaining balanced.

Q: What is your favorite Shaklee product, and why?

COREY: I am in love with the new Organic Greens Booster. I occasionally have trouble including vegetables in my diet and this product really helps me feel like I’m getting a jump on my greens intake for the day.

EMILY: YOUTH® Advanced Renewal Night Cream—Rich. I have dry skin and it is a fantastic lotion that feels great on my skin, and it’s super-nourishing!

ISMAEL: That’s a tall order for me to list all my favorite Shaklee products in one short statement! One of the most helpful products is the Performance® Energy Chews. In my MBA program, I love the energy boost they give me when I hit the 3:00 p.m. wall. I also love the Performance PM Recovery Complex, which helps my muscles to feel less sore the morning after a hard workout. By the way, I tried the new Plant Protein Life Shake™. Amazing! If you haven’t, you should try it too!

And, finally, a story from Corey that should make you smile:

COREY: My husband, Mitch Unrein, knows I love caricature portraits; whenever I see a caricature artist at a party or mall, I always make Mitch sit with me to have our characters drawn. One evening while walking through a Denver hotel, I spotted a caricature artist drawing away and quickly dragged my unsuspecting then-boyfriend over to the artist to have our pictures drawn. The artist drew an Elvis-inspired version of Mitch holding out a diamond ring to a bobblehead version of me. To my surprise, I turned to see Mitch down on one knee actually proposing to me! Mitch had hired the caricature artist and knew I would take the bait—hook, line, and sinker. We have now been happily married for four years.

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