6 exercise tips for the New Year

The New Year is here, bringing with it new resolutions to be more active and get fit. The problem: getting fit is tough! Whether it’s a lack of time, energy, motivation, or all three, you know it will be hard. But here are a few tips to build up your fitness habits and make exercise less intimidating.

Before you figure out your workout routine, make it routine to work out.
The first step to getting fit is to make it a habit. Start small by committing to an hour a day to accomplish small tasks. Choose active tasks like doing things around the house or tackling some yard work. Once you’ve committed to blocking out this time, then you can start using that time to work out.

Get the inspiration you need to get moving.
You already check social media on a daily basis—use it to your advantage by following accounts that inspire you or give you fresh exercise routines. Or try putting together your own workout playlist of songs that energize you and make you feel good. You can also be an inspiration to yourself by having a positive attitude and practicing positive self-talk. You can also start with this low-intensity workout designed by Pure Performance Athlete- Debbie McCormick.

Don’t worry about the length of your workout.
Right now, it’s less important whether it’s 60 minutes or 10 minutes—your real goal is to get moving! If you’re making an effort to do a quick workout every day, you’re already building up a healthy fitness habit. Soon, you will be able to increase your work-out time.

Reward yourself when you meet a goal.
Let’s face it, we all like getting rewarded for our efforts. You can use this to your advantage by rewarding yourself after a successful workout. Do you like to get coffee? Make that your reward. Not only will it make your cup of coffee more satisfying, but it will also sweeten the deal for building up your fitness habits.

Get the right gear and the gear that you like.
You want to have the right equipment, shoes, and clothing for your workout; it could make the difference between an enjoyable workout and a painful one. New gear can also motivate you to exercise more. Because who doesn’t like to wear something new? If you love wearing it, you may want to put it on more often.

Use a calendar to schedule your workouts and track your progress.
If it’s your goal to work out every day, mark down all the days you are successful. You will see the progress you’re making and gain confidence from it. You can also schedule in “breaks”—exercise-free days to recover from your workouts. Taking time to recover can help your body rebuild itself and can decrease the risk of exercise injury.

Don’t worry if you’re only taking small steps right now. Keep your fitness goal in sight. You’ll get there if you just keep moving!

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