My Story

Our products will add years to your life and life to your years, so you feel empowered to live every day to the absolute fullest.

Hi! My name is Laura Evans and I empower women and men to make small changes in daily habits which lead to long lasting benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I am a busy mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur. Up until recently, my career has been my life. For more than 25 years, I have been a sales and marketing executive with well known brands such as JCrew and Disney and others in the consumer products industry.

While pursuing my career, I found myself sacrificing health in pursuit of wealth. Health once lost is difficult to regain. What if, as I had seen with my parents aging decline, it were lost altogether? or that, in some twisted irony, I would spend my money trying to regain my health?

I have seen firsthand how a small change in brand of household cleaner could eliminate toxins in our home. Which resulted in far less allergies and significant reduction in asthma for our eldest daughter. I have experienced the relief for our middle daughter to overcome chronic IBS and digestion issues. And seen our son better manage and improve ADD/ADHD symptoms with small changes in basic nutrition. I myself went from a life of chronic sinus infections and allergies which I presumed to be“normal”to a never having to purchase over the counter RX anymore and live without side effects of anti-biotics.

Over 5 years ago, I re-evaluated my weight. I have struggled with my weight since childhood. Up and down. Mostly up. I was the chubby kid. And I easily became the overweight parent. I attributed my weight to aging, having children, stress, etc. However, I learned that losing just 10 pounds could add years to my life, reduce strain on my heart and joints. So I chose to lose weight yet again. This time was different. I used the Shaklee 180 program. Making a 180 degree Turnaround in my life.

What if you could lose weight ONCE and for all? Never dieting again? What if you could lose only fat while preserving muscle? I went from a solid size 10to a size 2!I had not seen size 2 in my wardrobe since I was a toddler!!! And that was it. Small, Simple, convenient changes which led to my happily ever after after healthier me! Does any of this sound like you? Or someone you know?